Friday, June 28, 2013

The glow

The Glow er heimasíða sem mér finnst að allar mömmur ættu að þekkja. Þar birtast gullfallegar myndir af mömmum og börnunum þeirra og það sem meira er að þar koma af og til algerir gullmolar um móðurhlutverkið. Verst er að hún er ekki oft uppfærð en ég er með síðuna á bloglovin og þannig get ég verið viss um að missa aldrei af neinu. Þegar ég sé að ný færsla er komin inn passa ég mig alltaf á því að kíkja ekki á hana fyrr en ég hef næði og svo passa ég mig alltaf á því að hafa góðan tebolla með. Oft líka súkkulaði vegna þess að súkkulaði gerir allt betra!

Hér koma myndir og molar frá síðunni:
"I wish I was better as pretty much everything! I wish most of all that I could slow down and stop and stare with her. This doesnt come naturally to me and I have to make a conscious effort to do it. My brain seems constantly to be wanting to get on to the next thing. Also, I wish that I was better at playing."

"It's easy to think of small plants like babies—they are completely dependent on you. Nurturing a garden is very much like bringing up a child; you try to give the plants what they need in order to thrive, but only they can do the growing. You can try and impose some kind of order on the space, but in the end, the plants will do their own thing. They live right in the moment."

'The hardest part about being a mom: the heaviness of it all. Life was much lighter when I didn’t have to worry about another person so intimately. The best part: the heaviness of it all. Life is so much better knowing that I get to have the most intimate of connections that humans are capable of having..I’ve learned that life is messy and complicated and everyone is truly just trying their best. I’ve learned to let go of things, to respect and value my own parents and family more..'

'Its frightening at times to think that you are shaping someones life and who they will become. Often I hear Ruby using one of my expressions..Im reminded that she is a sponge, taking it all in, and each moment big or small molds who she is. I used to catch myself when I sounded or acted like my mother—singing off-key definitely comes from her, were both a bit tone-deaf—but now I love it. I am my mothers daughter, and Ruby is all mine.'

Góða helgi!
Kv. Dúdda <3

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